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smaXtec is a global AgriTech company headquartered in Austria, that develops innovative solutions for monitoring dairy cows. The company has developed a unique technology platform that allows the health and well-being of cows to be very accurately monitored and analyzed in real time. This uses a bolus sensor swallowed by the cow and located in the stomach that collects a variety of data and sends it to a cloud server where it is analyzed. The information collected helps livestock farmers improve animal welfare, optimize feed consumption and detect diseases early, leading to higher milk yields and better animal health.


smaXtec is the winner of numerous awards such as the Styrian Export Prize 2022 (category “Medium-Sized Enterprises”), the EY Scale-Up Award 2022 (category “Green Tech & Energy”), the SPIRIT Start-up Award 2023 in the “Scale-ups” category and the Royal Dairy Innovation Award 2023.

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