We invest in medium-sized companies with potential for further development of their business

»At the heart of our value creation approach is a shared passion among everyone involved to make companies even stronger and more successful than they already are«

Dr. Michael Matros


»When we were looking for a partner with experience, competency and an inspiring mindset to help us take our business to the next level, our choice was Sophora – and I’m highly satisfied with that decision.«



»Thanks to Sophora’s valuable advice on the strategic direction of our business model, we have made significant progress and have been able to drive our success story to the next level.«



The Sophora Value Creation Plan

Sophora’s Value Creation approach combines a focus on results and sustainability

Sophora pursues a value creation approach that meets the specific needs of smaller companies while being based on best practices in strategy development and implementation. Together with the management of our portfolio companies, we identify the specific levers for the successful development of the business and then implement change. In selecting the focus topics, we take a comprehensive 360° approach, highlighting all potentially relevant aspects as building blocks for the Sophora Value Creation Plan. This enables us to specifically address each company’s individual challenges and opportunities and develop a tailored approach for long-term success.

Our expertise for outstanding results and agile solutions.

We bring comprehensive expertise and creativity to the planning process to achieve the best possible results. During implementation, we place emphasis on results orientation and agility. Our experience and knowledge are actively incorporated into the value creation process to support successful implementation in our portfolio companies.

Value Creation arises from the harmonious combination of solid, jointly developed plans, results-oriented implementation by means of effective routines, and strong, trust-based teamwork.




Value Creation

In developing, implementing and adapting the Sophora Value Creation Plan, we always strive to leverage the diverse perspectives, experiences and expertise of all individuals. Value creation – which we refer to as “our mutual most important routine work” – thus becomes an ongoing team effort that we accomplish together.

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